Company Enlistment/Renewal Guideline


  1. Introduction:

In conformity with the requirements of section 4d of the Enabling Act, the Council approves list of Survey Companies that are eligible to practice Survey profession in Nigeria. The publication is made annually and the permit lasts for one year only (from 1st January to 31st December).


2. Categories of Enlistment

The major group of Survey Companies enlisted are as follows:

i.  Nigerian Firms

These shall comprise of all Survey companies/firms owned by Nigerians

ii.  Consultancy firms

These shall comprise of Survey consultancy units operating in tertiary institutions, research organizations and other organizations where such consultancy units are approved 

iii. Foreign Firms

These are foreign based companies that provide Survey Service in Nigeria.


3. Enlistment Requirements

The Enlistment Requirement shall be determined by SURCON from time to time and shall include the following:

i. Nigerian Firms

  • Profile of the Firm
  • Staff Strength
  • Organizational Structure
  • Details of technical equipment and other support
  • Permanent Address
  • Types of Survey Services offered
  • Article of Association
  • CV of the MD and Director(s)

ii.   Consultancy firms

as in Nigerian Firms but shall include a letter of approval from the appropriate employer/Institution for the operation of Consultancy unit.

iii.  Foreign Firms

  • Profile of the Firm
  • Permanent Address of the Firm in Nigeria and abroad
  • Organizational Structure
  • Staff Strength (for a purely surveying firm, a Nigerian Surveyor must be one of the Directors of the firm, but for a firm having Survey contents, a Nigerian Surveyor shall be at the management position)
  • Details of technical equipment and other support
  • Types of Survey Services offered


4.    Mode of Enlistment

The intending Survey company/firm shall complete the Enlistment form obtainable from Surveyors Council of Nigeria offices or official website and pay enlisted fee as prescribed by the Council which is renewable every 1st January of the year.


 5.   Enlistment/Renewal Fees

The fees shall be determined by Council from time to time.

The fees fixed by the Council at the moment are as follows:


i. Nigeria Firms ————– N35,000.00

ii. Institutional Consultancy Units ————- N30,000.00

iii. Foreign Firms ————- N200,000.00


Annual Renewal (with effect from 1 January each year)

i. Nigeria Firms ———– N10,000.00

ii. Consultancy firms ———- N10,000.00

iii. Foreign Firms —————N50,000.00


Each renewal shall be accompanied by the current staff list of the company and Article of Association.


6. Benefits of enlistment

i. Enlistment gives a firm the authority to practice the specified survey services in Nigeria with the       backing of the statutory professional regulatory body which is the Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON)

ii. The enlisted companies/firms are firmly recommended to governments and their agencies/parastatals for retention in respect of provision of Survey Services enlisted

iii. Survey firms not enlisted are deemed to be outside the control of the Surveyors Council of Nigeria and shall not be allowed to practice Surveying in Nigeria.

iv. The names and other details of the enlisted firms shall be published annually and circulated widely so that the firms shall be easily identified and contracted directly or through the SURCON website

v. Specifically, copies of the enlisted companies shall be deposited with appropriate government agencies such as Corporate Affairs Commission, Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation (OSGOF), Offices of Surveyors General and Works Registration Boards to ensure that the survey firms seeking registration or offering them are enlisted with SURCON.

7. Interpretation

“Enlistment” Enlistment is to enroll a firm with Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON)





Definition: A Survey office is one that is manned by a-principal, working either for himself or for his limited liability company approved by the SURCON State Committee on Ethics (SSCE).

  1. The Principal
  • Surveyor Registered by SURCON
  • Shall be financially up to date with SURCON and NIS at all times
  • Where he has a branch office, it must meet the minimum standards for an office and must be manned by a Surveyor registered by SURCON
  1. The Company

A company in addition to registration with the CAC shall have the following:

  • VAT Certificate.
  • Tax clearance for every year.
  • Up to date Certificate of enlistment with SURCON.
  • Company Audited Accounts.
  • Company Profile (vision and mission statements, services offered; key technical staff, major projects executed).
  1. The Office

This is an accommodation occupied by the principal or the company and everything associated with it in terms of equipment, staffing and logistics. the minimum are therefore stated underneath.

  • Accommodation:
  • Minimum of two-bedroom flat i.e the Principal, the operational office and the general office with dedicated toilets
  • The office shall be accessible.
  • The environment shall be good and clean.


  • Office Equipment.
  • Tables and chairs
  • Refrigerator
  • Fans for each room
  • A/C in the principal’s office
  • V sets.
  • Computer: Desktops and Laptops (Minimum of 2+ printer).
  • Photocopiers (optional).
  • Office stationeries (files, letter-headed papers, complimentary cards, receipt, receipt booklets).
  • General set or Alternative Power Source
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Window blinds e.t.c
  • Internet system.
  • Survey Equipment.
  • Basic set of Survey Equipment with a minimum of 10” Digital theodolite.
  • 1 no Handheld GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver (+ 5m accuracy).
  • 1 no. Digital camera + accessories.
  • Echo sounder + accessories (optional)
  • Total Station + accessories (optional)
  • Basic Surveying computation and adjustment Software.
  • 1 no Administrative staff/Secretary staff.
  • 1 no. Account staff.
  • 3 no. Technical staff
  • 1 no. Driver.
  • A Vehicle
  • 1 no. Boat (optional)