History of SURCON

History of Surcon

ESTABLISHMENT: Surveyors Council Of Nigeria (SURCON), is an Agency of Government established in 1989 by Decree no 44 of 1989 (Act no. S18 Laws of Federation of Nigeria 2004) for the registration of surveyors and to provide extensively for the regulation and control of the practice of survey profession in Nigeria. The Act charged SURCON with the following general duties among others:

i. Determining who are Surveyors for the purpose of the practice of Survey Profession in Nigeria

ii. Determining what standards of knowledge and skill to be attained by persons seeking to be registered as members of the Profession

iii. Establishment, maintenance, updating and publication of Register of persons entitled to practice Survey Profession in Nigeria

iv. Regulating and controlling the practice of the profession in all its ramifications

v. Maintaining discipline in the profession and

vi. Performing other functions conferred upon it by the enabling Act. 

The Council which started operations from a rented apartment in the Surulere area of the Lagos metropolis have had to move and operate from various places before finally settling down within the premises of the former headquarters in Lagos, following the movement of the seat of government from Lagos to Abuja. Its present contact address is:

2nd Floor, old Federal Survey Headquarters
5 Tafawa Balewa Square (Near High court Buildings)
M. B. 40020, Falomo Post Office,
Email: surconmails@yahoo.com
tel:- (01) 2634528, 4757726.

The Council’s pioneer President is Surv. Olugbenga Adekoya, a fellow and past Secretary-General of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) while the Pioneer Registrar is Surv. Mohammed N. Yahaya, a past Chairman of the Kano state branch of the NIS.

The seacond and immediate past President of the Council is Surv. Shadrack G. Wokemba, a fellow and past President of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors while the second and immediate past Registrar is Surv. M. O. Olusegun Fasogbon.

The current President of Council whose appointment was approved by the President Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed  Forces as provided for in section 2(1) of the Enabling Act is Surv. Romanus N. Asoegwu .

He is a fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors and professor of Geoinformatics and Surveying at the University of  Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Enugu. He was inaugurated at Abuja with other members of the fourth Council on Thursday 25th November 2004.

The current Registrar is Surv. Prince Afolabi O. Solesi, a fellow and past Assistant Secretary-General of the Nigerian Institution (NIS). He assumed office on Monday 24th June 2002 following the resignation of his predecessor in office.