Code of Standard

Code of Standard

The Council operates mainly through standing committees two of which are statutory. The committees are:

  1. Finance and General Purpose Committee
  2. Education, Examination and Accreditation Committee
  3. Survey Laws and Survey Regulation Committee
  4. Registration Committee
  5. Staff Appointment/Welfare Committee
  6. The Surveyors Investigation Panel (SIP)
  7. Surveyors Disciplinary Committee

Of all the committees, only the last two namely

  1. The Surveyors Investigating Panel and the
  2. The Surveyors Displinary Committee

Were expressly provided for in section 16 as well as schedule 2 of the Enabling Act, CAP 425, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990. Other Committees were formed by the pioneer members of the Council based on the needs and duties of Council as provided for in section 4 of the Enabling Act and earlier stated above.