2021 Professional Examinations


The Professional Examinations of the Council have been scheduled to take place from 13th to 17th September, 2021. Entry forms are now available for Here.

A) Professional Examinations and Interviews for Pupil Surveyors seeking full registration as Surveyors.

Candidates seeking to undergo this examination must have been enrolled as Pupil Surveyors by the Council and must have at least two years’ practical experience in an approved office.
Duly completed application form and synopsis of projects to be included in the folio are expected to reach the Secretariat at 10 Yauri Street, off Jere Street, Garki II, Abuja, not later than Friday 9th April, 2021. The evidence of payment of a non-refundable examination fee of ₦120,000.00 paid into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) through the Remita platform (ref. code 1000265886) in favour of Surveyors Council of Nigeria, must accompany the completed form and synopsis of projects. So also is the letter from project supervisor(s).
Submission of folios (in approved format) containing approved projects to be effected not later than Friday 27th August 2021 in hard and soft copies (flash drive only). PROMPT SUBMISSION OF FOLIO IS PART OF THE EXAMINATIONS.
Candidates must ensure that the Supervisors of their projects are current on the payment of practice fees and annual subscriptions/levies of SURCON and NIS respectively. Supervisors are warned not to endorse for candidates, projects which were not carried out under their direct supervision as false attestation shall attract outright disqualification of the candidate and appropriate sanctions will be instituted against such Supervisors.

B) Direct Professional Examinations for Survey Technologists, Technicians and Pre- Technicians.

Candidates who have completed a two-year training after enrolment are required to submit to the Council’s Secretariat, their duly completed examination forms together with a non-refundable examination fee of N90,000.00 for Technologists, ₦60,000.00 for Technicians and ₦30,000.00 for Pre-Technicians paid into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) through the Remita platform in favour of Surveyors Council of Nigeria, not later than Friday 27th August 2021.

C) Preparatory Workshop for Professional Examination Candidates.

A compulsory 2-day workshop to assist Pupil Surveyors to have a better understanding of Rules and Regulations governing folio submission and Professional examinations will take place on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th March 2021 in Lagos, Enugu and Kaduna. The aim is to enhance the general performance of candidates in the forthcoming examinations. Examination Guidelines will be available for sale at the venues and at the Council’s Secretariat.
The Co-ordinators for the workshops and their assistants are:
i. Surv. O. O. Ojo (Lagos) Tel:08023016117 Email : sunmade_2001@yahoo.com
Surv. (Dr) Olawole O. Taiwo 08034958036 drolawoletaiwo@yahoo.com
ii. Surv. B.O. Ekpete (Enugu) “ 08063508249 Email : boekpete@yahoo.com
Surv. K. Nwosu
iii. Surv. S. A. Gatah (Kaduna) “ 08069776097 Email : samuelgatah@yahoo.com
Surv. D Thompson
All candidates for the workshop are requested to pay an enrolment fee of N15,000.00 into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) through the Remita platform (ref. code 1000177974) and tellers sent to surconmails@yahoo.com on or before Friday 19th March 2021.